Playing Yatzy At Bwin Turns All Those Stories About The Game Into Reality!

The story goes that Yatzy, also known as the poker dice game, was invented by a Canadian couple, who named it "The Yacht Game," because the game was played with their friends on a Yacht. Their friends are said to have loved the game so much, that they asked the couple for some game sets. An order was placed by the couple with Lowe, a game entrepreneur. Perceiving the huge potential the game held, Lowe bought the marketing rights for the game, in exchange of 1000 Yacht game sets.

But since it did not attract the attention expected initially, Lowe popularized it by holding parties with the new name, Yahtzee. It was successful and the game spread all around the world. Then with that success, online Yatzy or Yahtzee, as it was also called, was born.

Leading gaming sites like Bwin introduced the game to their online customer base, who welcomed it with open arms. Bwin, being the largest gaming portal on the Internet, ensured the game came with excellent graphics and sounds that appeal to gamers playing from home. This made all the difference along with the several bonuses offered during the game.

Playing Yatzy at Bwin almost relives the game played on the yacht by the Canadian couple, in a traditional set up. There are Jackpots to be won at Bwin and there are several Yatzy variations that cater to different needs. The bets start very low and offer big wins. Competition is restricted on each game, thus offering better chances of winning the Jackpot.

Yatzy, as a game has grown tremendously from the days when it was played on a yacht, but the enjoyment people derive from playing it at Bwin Casino, is akin to that of those on the boat, turning those stories into reality.