Introduction to Keno

Keno is a fairly basic but quite popular game found in both traditional and online casinos. It might be most accurately described as a combination of a bingo game and a scratch-off lottery ticket. Like both of those games, Keno is also entirely based on chance, which is part of the thrill--though it also contributes to some players' frustration.

Keno Rules

The structure of Keno strongly resembles that of Bingo or any basic lottery game. All you have to do is select between ten and twenty numbers on your Keno card (the limit depends on the casino) and then wait to find out whether those numbers match those that are randomly selected in the Keno booth.

Keno Terminology

If you are new to the game of Keno, you might be puzzled by some of the basic terminology surrounding the game. When a player refers to a "hit," he or she is talking about a number on their ticket that matched one of those announced from the Keno booth. The "draw" is the process of selecting the numbered balls in the booth. When players talk about the "Keno board," they are not referring to an actual board, but just to their individual tickets.

The aspect of the game that can make or break you is the bet you choose to place on each of your cards. Generally, you are only allowed to bet specific amounts that range from $1 to $5. This might not sound like much, but if you buy a lot of Keno tickets at once in the hopes of winning, those bets--and potential losses--can add up.